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Visiting the Foxgloves, hahahaha. My group finished it last session. That house O.O

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Whatever do you mean? They are lovely people with fantastic taste in antiques.

(Aside: becoolmanbecool!)

That house made my gnome drag the human cleric out of there and get attacked by ravens…. It was a fun game needless to say!

Because the gnome was having such a lovely time there with her delightful hosts, RIGHT?!

Fine taste in antiques to be sure….and interior design sure says a lot about the tenants. And at no point were we rude guests that backed out of rooms at top speed or destroyed any possessions of said tenants. Nope. Nothing like that happened at all.

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Green and Greed have only one letter difference
uh…. forgive me, my glasses are still broken, so this might not look anything like I think it does. Hah. If Friday morning after I get new glasses you hear mournful shrieking, you’ll know.

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a greedy jerk

In our recent game of D&D, Oscar tried to intimidate a shopkeeper Mali was talking to… they didn’t get any extra money, but they found out he was a ghoul. :S

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Last night I dreamt that I adopted a little orange kitten. He was sweet but a bit skittish. 

I was sad to wake up and find that I had not actually adopted a little orange kitten. :/

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Sunday is Pathfinder day!
Oscar Canicatti enjoys sunny mornings, cocoa lavender cigarettes and fine art.  Oh, and killing people that get in his way.

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Such a fierce hunter

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